Creative Synesthesia



The art work, “Jefferson Airplane, Muddy Water”, is created by Wes Wilson in psychedelic era. Wes Wilson is an American artist and he is the leading design of psychedelic posters. Wilson draws on the artistic features of “Art Nouveau”, expressionism, genres such as the Vienna separatists, and Alfred Roller font design, graphic elements and bold colors. This later became the standard for hippie poster design. He uses weird exaggeration of fonts, intense colors, smooth curves, bizarre visual effects, as well as prominent characteristics of the times and individualistic expression of emotion. This type of posters fits perfectly with the anti-traditional value of psychedelic rock, drug abuse and hippie style. In the art work of Jefferson Airplane Muddy Water, is a muscular and beautiful woman with hair flowing and giving up dancing. The main colors are orange, dark blue and green. The words of poster have pop colors and through skew and distort to show the psychedelia. It likes the words is dancing with woman. The words are distorted and outline the gesture of woman, that it seems like moving fonts. This work shows the characters of psychedelic art. The poster uses strong color pattern with twisted curves reflect the way, reminiscent of abstract vortex, with a sense of dizziness. Through change the form of font, the original text seems to have life, like expanding and moving. I think Jefferson Airplane also has op art, adding dark shadow for top words to show the three-dimensional view, and the words seems like be located on the wavy lines. Additionally, the nude woman expresses the major idea of psychedelic era, that is exaggerated, bold, movable. It has a movable and flickering sensation. In pure color or geometric form, the art work imposes a strong stimulus on people’s vision, making the visual illusion effect or the spatial deformation, making the works have the feeling of fluctuation and change.

This art work is psychedelic art which is “any art or visual displays inspired by psychedelic experiences and hallucinations known to follow the ingestion of psychoactive drugs”. “Psychedelic visual arts were a counterpart to psychedelic rock music.” Psychedelic art inherits the concept of Art Nouveau Movement, and it widely absorbs of Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, POP Art, Absurd Drama and Pioneer Film. At the same time, Cultural fusion, from music posters, movie posters, to political posters and art posters, hippie posters become a unique window to show the psychedelic hippie era, becoming a visual wonders of concentration hippie spirit. These works are characterized by presenting and surreal visual scenes, and most of them look bright in color. From this art, we can see the American social and political form.





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