Hans Poelzig, foyer and auditorium of the Grosses Schauspielhaus (Main Theatre), 1919, Berlin (demolished)

These photos are visually striking instantly taking your breath away leaving views in a unnerving state of unease. This gives of the impression that the building would have a metal taste in the air possibly from the rock like materials and the tools use to shape them. I also think that a slight salty taste would be ever so vaguely sprites through the particles in this old styled theatre. The smell would have to be one of earthy strong smells as the use of material over time must have dampened the entire area. I instantly sense the sounds of violent but soft violins echoing through the empty seats, and chilling piano rifts that give of the sense of loneliness and elegance. It gives of the depiction of spiky and it feels very edgy with the common design along the theatre that look like big icicles on a extremely cold day. As for the movement it would most defiantly be synchronized spinning amongst the elegant, huge pillars surrounding the theatre seats. Easily recognizable as Expressionism, as it it very haunting and give off conflicting emotions of being hauntingly beautiful.