Der ist schuld am kreige “He Is Guilty for the War” or “He is to blame for the war” 1943 is an anti-Jewish poster by the artist “Mjolnir” intended to persuade Germans that Jews were responsible for starting the war. “Mjolnir” was the pen name of the artist Hans Schweitzer who created many of the most popular Nazi propaganda posters. Schweitzer becomes known for the quality and the vigor of his stroke, and his posters, caricatures, and drawings make him the most famous propagandist of the NSDAP. The colour for majority of his work have a darkness to them, he uses a lot of black, red and other neutrals. In this particular poster, he incorporates these colours to work harmoniously to bring depth and dimension to this piece as he emphasizes certain elements. He brings direction the type as well as the hand to focus on the person he created who is a Jew. The stereotypical Jew has attributes that Schweitzer has set through his posters, gathers all the negative aspects that people sought out Jews to be.

If this were to be presented in another sense like sound, in my opinion, it would sound like house music. House music is electronic music that was created by club DJ’s in Chicago between 1975 – 1980. House music takes disco’s use of a prominent bass drum on every beat and developed a new style by mixing in a heavy electronic synthesizer bassline, electronic drums, electronic effects, funk and pop samples, and reverb- or delay-enhanced vocals. House music is a broad term and there are different kinds of “house music within its name, there are more subtle songs and then there are songs used in clubs like electro house music for example, that emphasize the reason I say house music. To me this kind of music is not what I think is considered to be music just like how I think Schweitzer’s poster is not what I portray Jew’s to be or the Nazis mentality behind who they think started the war. House music is known to be a strong/hard and there is a lot of tension within the music that can either make you feel liberated or uncomfortable. Similarly, how this poster has a very strong concept through the use of powerful colour and the composition itself creating tension between elements like the hand and the Jew, to the Nazis this was something that was liberating, presenting Jews the way they did and allowing the whole world to see it. The Jews however, were not only uncomfortable, that would be an understatement. Usually, house music has a sense of direction whether one may hear it or not, house music usually starts off by a subtle bass and escalates as other attributes are mixed within that first bass and finally it peaks and although there isn’t a peak with Schweitzer’s poster it still holds direction through the piece.

I could’ve compared this to heavy metal but I wanted to show that house music although  still serves a purpose in today’s society unlike heavy metal. through raves and clubs people tend to listen and enjoy this genre with Schweitzer, the poster served its purpose during its time, it helped the Nazis in a liberating way along with the other propaganda it helped them through the war.

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Six Word Summary Design



Although this era was short lived, designers started to drift away from  traditional art/ and design form. During this movement there were two specific phases that took place. There was the analytical technique and synthetic. Both Picasso and Braque started these techniques and both techniques had different characteristics that came to influence graphic design in the following years to come.

The Inspiration for the design above derived from the well known La bouteille de suze Pablo Picasso 1912

Words: synthetic, abstract, collage, two-dimensional, forms and flat.