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Throughout the years, graphic designers have been continually pushing the limits on varying ways we can visually communicate information and messages using a variety of visual elements like images, text, medium, etc.; though it is foolish not to acknowledge the importance that the german poster movement Plakatstil would have the future of modern design and advertising.

During the early twentieth century, when art nouveau artists began to reinvent what it meant to use and create posters, many designers and artists throughout Germany were rethinking varying ways to capture attention while still maintaining levels of emotion and mental stimulation for viewers.

Not only can we ponder about the varying ways that Plakatstil began to shape minimalist movements to come due to Sachplakat’s limited and simplistic use of text, image and colour palettes, but we can also view Plakatstil’s immense influence on modern poster design in general, due to placing an immense focus on a main product/image and allowing it to co-exist alongside the text, without one distracting the other, or visa versa.


Though these two posters have varying products, they both still serve the purpose of working as an eye-catching advertisement. Bernhard decides to depict the Manoli cigarettes in a way that is emphasized through size, colour contrast, and through the expression the image gives off. Not only does this allow for the product to be noticed by viewers immediately, but it also allows viewers to develop a sense of appeal to the flashy image of the colourful, organized cigarettes.

It is important to note that Futurama’s use of centralizing main character Bender, in a typical gritty pose with a cigar in his teeth, is both an eye-catching image itself, considering our typical pre-conceived notions on futurism and robotics, ones that perceive robotics as intelligent, polite, self-serving, inanimate; yet we are given an image of an important main character that continually contrasts this throughout the show and through his aesthetic. Whether you have watched this or not, this placement and decision to depict Bender in such a centralized and telling way, allows for viewers to already understand who this character is and their importance to the series. Aside from what can be pulled from the imagery itself, the plakatstil inspired poster truly sells you the main catch of this show, which is audiences most beloved and the show’s most notable character.

Similar to Bernhard’s poster, the main product that draws audiences in is being represented centrally and boldly, through minimal decor, lack of background, and a minimal complimenting text.


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