Blog Post 2- Design Inspiration

In our current year, many past trends have become new again. We have seen the popularization of fashion, aesthetics, design, and art from the 60s to the 90s (and even the early 2000’s) within Western culture once more. Victor Moscoso’s works from the 60’s and 70’s involving nude women and repeating wavy designs, creating optical illustrations, greatly influenced current fashion and editorial graphic design, for example. We see many graphic images of women with large earrings, showing much of their skin for their own personal empowerment and combining these images with popular typefaces and other visuals from the 60’s and 70’s. The usage of florals, women and their sexuality, and psychedelics is extremely common again today, and ever since the early 2000’s. A great example of this is Jason Brooks’ Beach House CD cover for Hed Kandi from 2000, women’s sexuality was very much attached to this movement. Yet it is different from the original movement. In the current year, it seems as though we have slowly began to mix our popular culture (rap, hip-hop, california style), in with the psychedelic designs of the past. Our designs are less intense and mind shattering to look at now, and more street and cool, with elements of flower power sprinkled in as well. Humans have been looking back at previous generations and taking from their design and art styles for centuries, and with the rise and popularization of social justice, it makes sense that we would take from a previous stylistic movement based around love and self-expression.

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