The 2018, Toronto Fire Services Don’t be a Flicking Idiot Poster Campaign was inspired by Saul Bass’s 1955 movie poster, The Man with the Golden Arm. Note how the abstract black silhouette of the hand is adapted into the new design. The angular fingers holding the lite cigaret mimic the style of the fractured of arm. Like the golden arm, the hand dominates the frame and highlights the all caps text. It also protrudes into the frame and contrast against the background. The uneven lines and colour blocking found in the background also mimic the various colour blockage framing the golden arm. Overall you can tell how the Flicking Idiot Poster Campaign is truly inspired by The Man with the Golden Arm.


In looking at the clarity and simplicity of The Man with the Golden Arm poster one can see why the Toronto Fire Services would want to mimic such a design. In placing such posters in the toughest Toronto neighbourhoods, they are intentionally getting to the point with a clear and simple message “DON’T BE A FLICKING IDIOT” “TOSSED BUTTS START FIRES”. As they try to educate people, they use slang as if they are speaking the street language of the people. In highlighting the urgency and danger both posters call the attention as they use Capital letter to shout out their clear message to the passing viewer.



Don’t be a Flicking Idiot Poster Campaign        Toronto Fire Services        2018

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The Man with the Golden Arm movie poster        Saul Bass        1955

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