French Art Nouveau by Evie Campbell


Advertising, Nightlife, Lighthearted, Organic, Linear, Flowing—these six words represent the purpose, subject matter, feel, and visual aesthetic of the French Art Nouveau movement.

To show that it represents subject matter, I have placed the word “nightlife” inside the circle, where it is the focal point of the piece and emphasizes Art Nouveau’s ties to the nightclubs. As the movement was largely used in the advertising world, the word “advertising” is above the circle, where it stands in for the name of a dancer or location. “Lighthearted” is at the center of the design and fades into the background to symbolize the care-free atmosphere that is at the core of most Art Nouveau posters. “Organic”, “linear”, and “flowing” describe the quality of shapes and lines primarily used in Art Nouveau design, and thus they make up the curving plant forms. All words are hand-lettered to simulate the decorative style of words in the movement.


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