Melisa Sofi – Russian Constructivism


Russian Constructivism was a product of societies search for understanding, unity, and peace after the sociocultural effects of World War I. It was not regarded as a “style” but more as “industrial order”. Its founders believed that art should reflect the modern industrial world so Russian Constructivism was defined by being very geometric, experimental and rarely emotional. It had to have an objective meaning that could be understood universally, as it was meant to sever the working class of its time. Owing to this, it was kept minimal and orderly. It broke art down to its fundamental parts and focused on building through the use of industrial materials. It was a way of technical mastery as it prioritized form over artistic expression.

This is why I have chosen the words industrial, geometric, experimental, minimal, technical, and objective. I chose to take reference from one of the most inventive and renowned designer of the Constructivism movement, El Lissitzky. Since this movement originated from Russia, I also decided t15-9smo incorporate my words in Russian.



El Lissitzky, “Beat the whites with Red Wedge” (1919)



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