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        More often than not, we are witnessing designs that push culture forward. Depending on the specific fashion label and the target audience involved, it has become evident that rules & regulations have no more legitimate meaning. Throughout the years cultural shifts have occurred which ultimately have shaped the way product design circumstances are regulated. Tisci and Abloh are among the leading class of fashion designers who don’t categorize themselves in a box. They recognize deciding what is permitted in the fashion industry is an unwritten rule to live by. The best way of creating is through freedom of thought and endless expression. Enabling fashion designers to re-create everyday household materials into luxury jewelry items has become a recent trend in glamour directed society. It’s become evident that there is a place for high quality simplicity.  Throughout my research I noticed a developing occurring factor that played apart in determining what was allowed in jewelry design. The rule to live by was obvious, be aware of your market and establish clarity.

       Expecting a message that conveys too much can be detrimental to the viewer. Product design needs to remain simple, reflecting on objects from the past while adding a new spin will lead to automatic success in the digital market. Posting products online on social media which contain sentimental value that have a sense of nostalgia will bring success in the current consumer based industry. This will then bring rapid growth to the company’s name brand. 

Everyday Bracelets that are easy to understand seem to be on the up rise in today’s market. The two products I am highlighting are involved in the high fashion industry. In terms of originality, the likes of Virgil Abloh ( Off-White ) and Ricardo Tisci ( Burberry ) are clearly the stand out leaders.  Although these men primarily focus on street wear, they remain pioneers in the field of design. Their direction towards creating groundbreaking apparel has become evident in the era of high fashion simplicity.


Ricardo Tisci , Burberry  450 USD

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Virgil Abloh , OFF – WHITE   600 USD

“Paper Clip Bracelet.” UNION LOS ANGELES,

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