Inclusiveness in The World of Makeup

Over the last three years makeup brands have been forced by the consumers to be more inclusive with their products. Only very few brands have expanded their market to create products that look fabulous, among the lightest to the darkest skin tones. It is Fenty Beauty who decided to take this task seriously. They changed the makeup world and now more people have a voice to demand their right to feel beautiful, be creative, and have fun no matter what skin colour you have. Rihanna the founder of Fenty Beauty that was launched in 2017, realized that not only was it important to have great formulas for the makeup to work on every skin colour, but their packaging design had to evoke a world of glamour and freedom for everyone.


Rhianna, very well known as she is, has always personalized all of her projects into who she is as a person. That is portrayed through her songs and also through her sense of fashion. She is originally from Barbados, and in an interview with Vogue, she confessed that a lot of her inspiration for her makeup brand, came from when she was a teen and didn’t have an outlet to get good makeup, and with the hot and humid weather conditions of her home town, nothing would really stay on her skin. That is when she  started experimenting by crashing make up shadows and mixing them with oils to give her skin a glow and highlight. Once her music career expanded, she became a fashion icon to most, keeping her style urban and chill but at the same time glamorous and chic. Her brand and logo represents this her fashion style.




The logo is very simple but sharp, it gives the brand its high end and glamorous feel. It is also very easy to adapt to different packaging with different designs, like on her glass concealer bottles, or a more elaborate colourful packaging for eye shadows. It is also easy to find and spot in a very busy make up store like Sephora, where you can spend an hour looking for the brand you desire.




Many of her campaigns are up close pictures of models from different backgrounds, and the logo becomes an important part of the image. With its clean, minimalistic and sharp style you feel the make up brand in the models and get that confident and fearless feel transmitted. The moment you see a campaign by Fenty Beauty and you see the logo come up, you can imagine the products in you head, how it looks like and how it will feel in your skin without owning it.

Fonts Beauty is one of the best and most popular brands worldwide. Its inclusiveness not only comes from the product itself, but for the feel that the brand transmits to the consumer. It makes you feel that no matter what background you have you should own amazing products, with a high sense of design and  that works perfectly with your skin.


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