The Fruit

When you think of an apple, you think of the most basic fruit possible. It’s simple and easy. Well that’s exactly what Steve jobs had in mind when he created Apple. He wanted the brand to be sophisticated yet extremely basic and easy to remember.“The fruit of creation, Apple. It was simple but strong. ”(The Logo Creative).

Apple as we know it today clearly represents the reasoning Jobs gave behind his brand, however, it didn’t start off that way.

apple(Paul Horowitz)

This is the very first Apple logo. It was designed by Ronald Wayne, one of Apple’s co-founders, in 1976. Although this does not directly represent an image of an apple, Wayne took inspiration from the laws of gravity. As seen, an apple is hanging from the tree, and with gravitational forces, it will eventually fall down on the man’s (Isaac Newton’s) head, giving him the idea of “Apple” (The Logo Creative). This was a very complex logo that did not exactly follow Jobs’ desire for simplicity. It was also very difficult to reproduce, therefore Steve Jobs wanted something new.

You would think that the Apple logo experienced many different ideas before getting to the infamous bitten apple logo, however this was not the case, and in fact, right after the gravity logo, the bitten apple took form and has remained the same since then. Evidently it went through numerous design stages and has shifted through the years.


As we can see, between 1976 and today, the bitten apple went from rainbow to no colour to translucent to white(ish). It experimented with different colours and as years went by, it followed by modernizing. This infamous bitten apple logo was created by graphic designer, Rob Janoff, who combined Steve Jobs’ desire for the Apple name and logo design into one. It portrays simplicity, yet is identifiable by anyone.unnamed(“Apple Logo”)


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