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The Coca-Cola beverage is the world’s best-selling record of all time.

1958-1960s – A fishy shape
1958-1960s – A fishy shape

However, when carefully read the ingredients of Coca-Cola beverage, it shows that the pops are made by carbonated water, sugar/glucose-fructose, caramel color, phosphoric acid, natural flavor, caffeine. In fact, none of the ingredients are unique; more than that, 55g sugars will cause obesity and other illnesses. But why can it still be a popular beverage? It is not hard to find that since 1886s the Coca-Cola started up the company in America; they pay more attention to graphic design, like posters, advertisements, and package design in order to closely connect with consumers, especially posters design.

coca-cola-goes-along (https://www.adbranch.com/coca-cola-world-war-2/)

One of the Coca-Cola company designers, Hamilton King, made a significant contribution to the company’s development. His posters used to use carton images, telling a story and women’s laugh to convey the meaning of a positive life attitude, leading everyone to enjoy life when they are drinking the beverages. Until the outbreak of World War One and World War two, the style of the posters also changed. Hamilton started to design a series of posters about war. Regardless of marketing strategy, his posters design did comfort soldiers in the bad old days to some degree. One of the posters, named: Coco-Cola, goes along. In this poster, it illustrated that four soldiers are holding a bottle of Coca, laughing; and they look relaxed. Combining the illustration and text of the poster shows that Coca-Cola can always accompany soldiers as the beverage of home. Besides, the article, called: “Have Your Coke and Eat It Too,” describes that the Coke represented the beverage: “a taste of home” (Mcbride 80). It is the company that sold the concept and “center around patriotism” (Mcbride 80) that can give a reason why Coca-Cola is a top one beverage during that time.

Therefore, the Coca-Cola posters are attractive and successful because their design always captures characteristics and catch up with era steps in a different period to resonate with consumers.

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