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I believe that there should be more graffiti art included within our textbooks. This style of art is a great example of the type of art that is being more popularized in this generation, and therefore be studied more in-depth. Graffiti can be found all over the world and expresses the social perspectives of those who live within the community. Often times it is seen as vandalism because it is usually done without the permission of the owners of the property. Contemporary graffiti is also described by its controversial issues between social, style and aesthetic forms. (Colombini & Alain 2018). Many see graffiti as a distraction or negative addition to communities that face poverty or have a lot of violence with the community. It also is under the assumption that Graffiti is a positive urban art form that raises some paradoxical questions regarding ephemerality and “visual pollution” with a growing art market demand. (Colombini & Alain 2018). Depending on the content, Graffiti and Street Art have their own definitions and interpretations. (Colombini & Alain 2018). It is important to understand the history behind these artworks because it tells the stories of what goes on behind closed doors within the communities. It is important that we are taught to analyze these types of art just like we are taught to analyze designers and painters from the previous centuries. Studying these works of the area will enlighten how are communities are and responding to certain events or downfalls and how we choose to express this.

More artists like Shepard Fairey should be put into our textbook because many artists from this era are inspired by graffiti and pop art. Street art reflects where many of these aspiring artists come from. It reflects diversity and freedom for those who as if they have no voice. Graffiti art is a way to express social issues or make a political statement peacefully. Often, graffiti makes a normal and dull place more interesting and brighter, bringing beauty to places that are run down or facing poverty. (Journey, 2018). It also brings a sense of community to bring together a connection amongst people. it is a way of energizing a community rather then it becoming destroyed. (Journey, 2018). Lastly, street art is another way of telling history. Many artists create murals when the community has experienced a triumph or tragedy. It away for the community to come together and celebrate, or for memory to never fade. This type of art allows people to explore cities, and places they’ve never thought to go to and experience the community differently, almost like walking into a gallery. Not only does it bring beauty, excitement, and mystery to the world, but it also brings happiness


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