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Chen Shao Hua is one of the famous graphic designers in China; he left a tremendous influential effect on Chinese graphic design. During the mid-twenty century. He and other Chinese designers like Wang Yafei, Han Jiaying set up the first independent professional association in China. They organized Regular Competitions about graphic design in china. While the association was inviting international designers as jury members, they wanted more Chinese people to get to know the global status and concept of graphic design. (wong, 51). Since Hong Kong graphic design gained more fame in the international standard, the  mainland graphic designers only reached a short time in the international standard. The development of graphic design started to begin in Shenzhen, China. The designers established the first graphic design association in Shenzhen which also was the first graphic design association in the mainland. Many artists who were going to join this association, including Chen Shao Hua, were active in many graphic design exhibitions in 1992. (Wang, 63) Chen Shao Hua and other designers like Wang Yue fed, Zheng Dali, Zhou peng, Jia Yi bo and Han Jia Ying were pioneers in the Shenzhen design scene in the mid-1990s. In 1996, Chen Shao Hua was invited to the thematic poster exhibition held by the Chinese poster Association. In the following year, a thematic poster invitational exhibition was co-organized by the graphic design associations in Shenzhen in mainland China. (Wang, 66).  Chen Shao Hua has created lots of masterpieces in his life and one of the most famous designs was the logo of the 2008 Beijing Olympic with other co-designers. As a member of the first graphic design association, he made western influence into his own, thus revolutionized graphic design in China. Since Chen Shao Hua went to Shen Zhen, which is the centre of graphic design and art in China, he and his co-designer pushed the development of graphic design in China.

On the other hand, graphic design has also influenced the world. Chen Shao Hua and his work is the representative of Chinese graphic design and took a unique place in China. So I think that is the reason why we should include Chen Shao Hua for his contribution to graphic design in the next edition of Graphic design: A new history textbook. 



Work cited

Wong, Wendy S. “Detachment and Unification: A Chinese Graphic Design History in Greater China since 1979.” Design Issues, vol. 17, no. 4 2001, pp. 51-71.


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