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Illustration in Client work


Mimi Chao is an illustrator based in Los Angeles. There, she runs her own studio called Mimochai. She designs, “characters, make picture books, and help create story-based products.” She was originally in the world of corporate law but has since migrated over into the art/design industry.

Based on what I’ve seen in her design work, her style is very whimsical and fun. She uses quite a lot of soft yet vibrant colours when tackling her client work as well as her personal projects.






Mimi Chao
Hello Bello Illustration Design, 2019

For instance, her illustrations for Hello Bello’s vitamin line were used on their packaging, photography, and website assets. The final packaging design and photography were created by Brains On Fire for the company.

Her illustrations in this design work bring out that element of softness, whimsical, carefree, and calmness that is signature to her. Chao’s work also contains quite a bit of visual texture, and organic line forms. Her illustrations do look quite simple and take after the real-life forms she is trying to replicate. For example, this can be seen in the bird, although it coloured without texture, and is just one filled in colour of white, it still looks like a stork. 


Mimi Chao
Samsung Illustration Collab, 2019

Another set of illustrations, this was a collaboration with Samsung’s Notebook series (a tablet & laptop combo device). She was given free-range on what she wanted to illustrate for them whist using their device. And so, she decided to, “use Adobe Photoshop to create the illustration designs. And also styled and shot the lifestyle photography assets for social media.”

She ended up making the final design a free download to her followers.


Collaborations like hers and Samsung’s are not uncommon. Especially since she has a social media presence, companies nowadays reach out to artists and designers like her, asking her, to use their product to create work of their own in order to advertise for them. 

Yet again, in this collaboration, one can tell that she often uses light pastel, fun colours, in conjunction with deeper vibrant colours to create a harmonious look to her work. She, like many artists nowadays, uses digital drawing to recreate the look of analog illustration without having to spend the money on costly supplies. Although this is a pretty simple illustration of plants, it tells a bit of a story. It’s drawn in a way where it looks like a wall from someone’s house. It looks like it could be from her own collection of plant life. As well, it is composed very orderly; the individual drawings of plant life seem pretty evenly spaced apart.


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