The Fusion of Culture and Modern Design-Kan Tai-Keung

The design has a direct connection with culture and culture exists as the value behind the design. About our textbooks; The New History of Graphic Design involves graphic designs with different cultural backgrounds. However, with the gradual development of modern design, the integration of culture has become essential. Behind the fusion represents the intention to achieve commonality in design, and at the same time has the functionality of the design. Only under the influence of traditional culture, the graphic design produced by developing design thinking and integrating with modern design can maximize the value of design. Many designers have not stopped thinking and are constantly trying to integrate their own culture into modern design, and Hong Kong, Chinese designer Kan Tai-Keung is among them.

Kan Tai-Keung, who was born in Guangdong in 1942, has been influenced by Chinese culture since childhood and is happy to show the charm of the culture he has received in his design. Kan Tai-Keung skillfully incorporated Chinese ink painting from elementary school into his design, and he refused to combine rigidly. He insisted on incorporating the spirit of a culture in the design rather than a simple shell.


-2008 Beijing Olympics (2006)

Perseverance in culture did not make Kan Tai-Keung’s design immutable. On the contrary, he always tried different design methods and adhered to the concept of modern design. He has always emphasized the combination of design and brand; and focused on visual communication with customers in design. Kan Tai-Keung insists on visually connecting the design to the brand positioning and presenting it to customers in a clear manner.

-Beijing International Logo Festival (2000)

Just as Kan Tai-Keung designed the posters for the Beijing International Logo Festival, he attached great importance to the functionality of poster design when combining culture and design. He clearly shows Chinese culture through concise graphics and colors. The overall design is visually simple and intuitive enough. The geometric figures in the poster represent the base of the logo design and accurately represent the theme of the trademark festival.

-“Chinese Characters” Series Poster

His design always has direct visual influence and can convey the inner spirit of culture at the same time instead of simple patterns. Ink paintings with Chinese culture are combined with modern design. The picture is visually concise and dynamic, yet it can reflect the peaceful spirit of Chinese culture. This is a good example of the combination of traditional culture and modern design.

A pattern cannot represent a culture. Only the fusion of the inner spirit of culture and the concept of modern design for visual function can realize the value of design.


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