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Visual Effects is the “process by which digital imagery is created to manipulate or enhance real world footage” (McDonald, Andrew). It is used in a films production to create realistic environments, props, or characters that would deem impossible or far to expensive to generate in real life. The VFX industry consists of many key Art Departments which all work cohesively under what is known as the VFX pipeline. In addition, and besides the importance of different departments their are many standard programs such as Mari.

Foundry Mari is a 3d texturing software that allows for high resolution digital 3d painting. It features 3d projection painting without limits allowing for hundreds of texture maps along a single UDIM, supporting maximum 32Kx32K pixels. This piece of software could be compared to techniques that the textbook artist were using such as airbrushing.

A film goes through many diverse phases before it’s ready for global distribution. There are many different roles and artists withing the entire process.

VFX and CGi is an active representation of modern day graphic design. The textbook does not portray this type of design which almost everyone know’s and consume daily. Technology has allowed us to create freely without limitation and CGI has grown over the last decade. It would be important for the book to highlight the historical significance of CGI and VFX throughout its timeline and mention the key struggles and techniques used in previous productions.

Jurassic Bark: How Sound Design Changed Our Imaginations : NPR

Modern CGI has come a long way since movies like “Jurassic Park (1993)” that used a variety of techniques to mimic fictional characters. The movie featured the use of animatronics, special effects and computer generated imagery

CGI represents a new level of realism that requires a sophisticated level of graphic design. It has given birth too many different franchisees and created countless fictional characters such as the predator or the dinosaurs from Jurassic park. Poster art and wood-type fonts are irrelevant to modern day interests. Today people want to see explosions, monsters and complicated story lines.

CGI is current day graphic design and would create a more relevant portrayal of what the term means in today’s society. The book should cover the history of VFX, the key departments, production history, and various artists that are icons within the industry. It should showcase their process and techniques so that people understand what it takes to create big picture productions that everyone enjoys.

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