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I am going to be talking about Vogue the magazine. This magazine was first issued in 1892. The magazine has evolved and changed its font its design and everything about it over all till date. In 1909 the magazine was acquired by Conde Naste Publishers. The magazine’s volume became thicker and its main focus was turned on women. Naturally, the price was raised as well. In1932 the American Vogue for the first time ever had placed a color photography on its cover (earlier it was exclusively given for drawings). Since that time the World’s best photographers – Irwin Penn and Guy Burden, Richard Avedon and Norman Parkinson, Helmut Newton and Peter Lindberg – became Vogue’s contributors. In 1960-s the American Vogue under the leadership of Diana Vriland had become the symbol of a new era – more creative, emancipated and sexy. Another important period in American Vogue history began in 1988, when Anna Wintour became its Chief Editor. Her talent, will and efficiency, reflected in The Devil Wears Prada movie, had finally turned Vogue into Nr1 Fashion Magazine of the World, not just reflecting fashion trends, but effectively shaping them.

The design that was used for the actual type face itself has been Didot. The font first used in 1892 was a different form of font as typeface wasn’t so popular then with many options. The typeface itself and design of the overall cover and magazine has changed a lot. With time there has been colours added, more modernized typography and the concept of the magazine became from a normal selling magazine to a women empowerment magazine with time till date.

This magazine in today’s time is meant to express women. It’s become a women empowerment/ women-based magazine. When it was developing in its initial stages it just a normal magazine which over time became just for women. It spoke about problems and issues related to women’s back in the days. It was the first magazine to address women related problems so openly to the world which made it very unique. Today vogue has a very big name for itself and had developed and grown a lot since it first came out.

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