Blog Post 2 – Missing From the Textbook – Motion Graphic

In the next edition of Graphic Design: A New History, I would like to see a new chapter to talk about the Motion Graphic, a rapidly developing area of Graphic Design. Even though Eskilson spends a few chapters talking about the digital Graphic design in the second half of the book, motion design is not shown. Motion Graphic is an important subset of graphic design. It’s a significant area to represent contemporary Graphic Design history, even the future tendency of graphic design.
Motion Graphic and computer are inseparable. Basically, the invention of the computer and various graphic software create Motion Graphic. The term “Motion Graphic” was first used by John Whitney, an animator who co-founded Motion Graphic in the 1960s. However, due to the current development of technology in the 1960s, motion graphics are very expensive and difficult to produce.

At first, motion graphic was used in television title and motion sequences mainly. As technology has improved, computers were widely available in the late 19th century. Graphic artists are able to use various tools to explore and create motion graphics.  In the present, graphic designers could easily create beautiful motions with adobe after effect and other software. Motion Graphic became one of the most desirable art forms in the 21st century, Designers applied it in website design, advertising design, and movie productions. Therefore, this new art form gives so many new possibilities in Graphic design. Artists could create vivid and dynamic visual language by using motion.

Mondays by Markus Magnusson
Mondays animation by Markus Magnusson

Moving into a new decade in 2020, I find out motion graphics are almost everywhere in our life. Since the improvement of the internet and technology is getting faster, the way people read and watch is changing. In the future, motion graphics might apply to our digital textbooks, replace the static images. It could affect communication between humans as well. People are using motion graphics such as gifs to communicate on the internet frequently now. Consequently, Motion Graphic might take in important role in the future of Graphic Design.

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In the wild – United Way: Unignorable – Christine Tan

Colour is not only a visual element but also a media to convey a specific message, information, and even emotion. As well as typography and line, colour makes an impact in lots of impressive graphic design. In the year 2019, Colour as an effective role of the national integrated campaign of United Way, speak out the message to the world loudly. the United Way partnered with the Pantone Colour Institute, introduced a brand new, eye-catching orange, was named UNIGNORABLE, to raise awareness of the local issues.


The concept of using unignorable colour to draw the viewer’s attention, remind me of a special period in art history, the Victorian period. However, the difference is, instead of using bold, huge scale fonts and bunch of colours, the united way developed a multi-media campaign which contains a series of impressive illustrations, which apply the unignorable colour to convey a series of local issues, include of Homelessness, Poverty, youth employment, social isolation, mental health, hunger, domestic violence, and education inequality.

This series of illustrations is designed by an international illustrator, Malika Favre, she is a French artist base on London, who have work with The New Yorker, Vogue, Sephora, and many others. These illustrations have a distinct style, each of them conveys different messages. By using shapes and one specific colour, the designer plays around with negative and positive spaces, then came up with a series of repetitive, bold and minimal style compositions. However, the most brilliant move that the designer did is using particular object to indicate the theme of the illustration. For example, showing a broken piggy bank among a crowd of piggy bank to convey poverty.

Malika Favre, 2019
Malika Favre, 2019

This campaign is like a group of short stories, the viewer needs to take a second to understand the message, even though the compositions are not complicated. This gives them a chance to take a closer look at the campaign, eventually lead them to what the local issue is.

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