What is missing By Amy Hu

Graphic Design: A New History discusses the beginnings of graphic design to present-day graphic design, highlighting famous designers that brought graphic design to where it is now. From Gutenberg to Shepard Fairey, Stephen J. Eskilson discusses as much of graphic design history in as much detail as possible, but what is missing. What has impacted design in a strange, but the new direction that has continued to impact politics and graphic design; memes.


The word meme was first introduced in 1976 by Richard Dawkins in his book on  The Selfish Gene.  The book discusses the word as a way to define the spread of ideas through generations. Later in the early 21st century memes became popular as the internet grew, spreading memes throughout the internet. Now it has become universal for the spread of cultural information through imitation and has continued to evolve in every culture based on the skill, behaviour, phrase or style of that culture shared electronically.

Exhibition poster for  “What Do You Meme?”
Exhibition poster for  “What Do You Meme?” Taken by Alice Bucknell from Artsy

As odd and humorous memes are there is no denying that meme culture has impacted the world in a phenomenal way. Memes have impacted the change in visual forms and allowed people to connect and capture people’s interest in politics. This opens up new opportunities and changes in graphic designers in technology. Memes have demonstrated the critical role that graphic design plays in responding to the political issues through challenging, changing and dictating the changes in the world. Due to the influence of meme culture, there has been a change in how many of us view politics. For instance, the many representations and interpretations of Donald Trump that has become ridiculously apparent in our culture that has captured the eyes of the world due to his distinguishable memes and numerous illustrations of Donald trump such as TIMES magazine, the New Yorker, and many more.

(Credit: Design Museum)
The photo was taken by Lindsay Baker from BBC


For a long time Memes have been a medium that has truly impacted the way that the world views things and feels should be in the next edition of graphic design: A new history because memes have had an impact how graphic design is viewed in the world and how the world has changed generation to generation.


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Design In The Wild

Ever Since childhood, I have had many unique and interesting Asian snacks, beverages, and candies that my parents would buy for me such as White Rabbit, Vitasoy, jelly straws, etc. However, none as popular and well-known and iconic as Pocky’s. Founded in 1922 by Ezaki Glico Co. Ltd, launching the very first Pocky in 1966. Pocky’s where introduced and they introduced there first flavour chocolate-covered biscuit sticks. As the company began to grow Pocky has continued to thrive and create new flavours for everyone to enjoy. Over the years, Pocky has continued to change and improve there designs for a better and unique design. For many years pocky has continued to expand all around the world.


Recently the company produced a limited edition minimal packaging design designed by Yoshihiro Yanagi called “The Gift”. These designs were called “The Gift”so that customers could select your choice of colour and package them into a gift box. Each packaging demonstrates a very simplistic and playful design that demonstrates all different flavours through the beautiful pop of colours used for each package. Each Colour corresponded to the colours of each flavour in a very vibrant and geometric way that allows the audience to really enjoy the simplicity of the design. Since these limited edition boxes were only being sold in Tokyo I feel that Yanagi really focused on the simplicity of the product to be more appealing to Tokyo’s design culture in its own beauty in simplicity. Although very different from the standard pockey design, Yanagi demonstrates attention to space and balance on the package distingpocky01-1uishing the vibrant colours to envoke nostalgia in its simplicity in how the packaging is designed.



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