Blog post 2:New generation Chinese graphic designer- Hai Huang

Teng Wang


Blog post 2
When we reading the graphic history book, we are inspired by the different designer in their own time period, they represent the history and different art styles. Also, when look at the works from different countries, we can learn a lot from different culture and different way of thinking. However, when I read the book, I found that the Chinese graphic art was very rare. China got 5000 years history and Chinese are proud of that, the culture behind China are becoming the art style of Chinese graphic design. So today I want to introduce a Chinese graphic design, Hai Huang.

Huang’s work
Huang’s work

Huang is a Chinese new generation designer. After he finished university study, he starts to work at an advertisement company. In 2007 he designed a famous movie’s poster, “Sun rise again as usual”. This work made him become famous and he start to design different movie poster. In China many movie’s posters look same, the designer just places every character in the poster by their importance order. But his work has changed everything.

Poster of “Golden Age”
Poster of “Golden Age”
The poster of “The Grandmaster”
The poster of “The Grandmaster”
Poster of “Master in the forbidden city”
Poster of “Master in the forbidden city”
Poster of “Master in the forbidden city”
Poster of “Master in the forbidden city”

Because I’m crazy about movie so I collected many movie posters, many of them looks normal but Huang’s work is different. In his work he presents the style of movie by special structure and typography. One of the things that makes his special is his understanding of Chinese art and culture. For example, in his work “Golden Age” poster, the grey shapes are part of Chinese letter, because this movie is talk about the Chinese writer in 20th, their books made them fate become sad and tragic. So, these letters or words (you can understand as the things that they write) can be seen as a cage or prison. The small size figure inside shows the weak of a single person. Also, the golden title creates a color contrast. Moreover, in the poster of “the grandmaster”, Huang kept the poster in black and white so it fits the Chinese Tai Chi and Chinese ink style (Guo, Peng &Tang 2015). This movie is talking about the traditional Chinese culture by Kungfu. So, Huang has successfully caught the main idea that the movie wants to present. The 2 main characters looks static (stop), but their action has created the sense of movement. Also, the way of silhouette makes the poster looks more literary and mystic. Actually these 2 figures are all super movie stars, but he didn’t put the close up of their faces, he believed the idea behind the work is more important that the actor. this makes his work special. Also, in the poster of “Master in the forbidden city”, He decreased the size of figure and increase the main idea of the movie- master of repairing historic stuffs. The figure become a part of the object; this means that these people spend their entire life on these things. In his work it is hard to find the close up of famous character, this is also because in Chinese art the works should be implicit.

In Chinese culture we have an idea that art should have some deep meaning under its surface, it is not very good if a work is very flat. This works as well in some poems and cultural works. Huang worked with this idea very well. He thinks that every movie has a world, and the poster is to open a window to see the world. If it is just graphic design and no content, it is not enough to attract people who want to see the movie itself. I think this is right in the modern society with highly commercial atmosphere and fast food culture. People can learn about other country’s culture and style by modern art as poster.


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Bill Gold’s ‘A Clockwork orange’ poster–Teng Wang

Bill Gold’s ‘A Clockwork orange’ poster

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A good movie poster will attract more audiences, even people who have never hear the movie before will be interested on it if the poster is attractive. This article will introduce a famous film poster, “a clockwork orange” directed by Stanly Kubrick.

Bill Gold's 'A clockwork orange' poster, 1971
Bill Gold’s ‘A clockwork orange’ poster, 1971

The first time I saw this poster is in an old video shop. To be honestly, I was attracted by the poster and also as a fan of Stanly Kubrick I bought the poster with the film together. By the research, I found that this poster was designed by a famous artist called Bill Gold. His work got a balance between business and art (Mekado 2010). And his work is not like common posters which just places every character and main scene on the poster and make it looks full of elements (maybe also including a large amount of text). He designed a lot of famous movie poster, and including my favorite movie ‘Casablanca’. Comparing with the other 2 posters of ‘a clockwork orange’, the first one is too graphic and the second one is very figurative. But Bill’s work got a good balance between them.

graphic vision of 'A clockwork orange' Poster,1971
graphic vision of ‘A clockwork orange’ Poster,1971
one vision of 'A clockwork orange' Poster, 1971
one vision of ‘A clockwork orange’ Poster, 1971
Bill Gold's Casablanca poster, 1942
Bill Gold’s Casablanca poster, 1942

The poster uses a symmetry structure and it is very simple, only kept one big visual object so people are easy to get the point. The poster uses of bright color (orange and white) which usually give people the sense of happy, but with the sharp knife, the idea of relax and happy has gone, but replaced by absurd. Because usually the violent movie has posters with dark, cold or blood color to show the main theme. But A Clockwork Orange poster is different. Also, the character is in like a 3D perspective, his body was hidden inside the triangle which looks like 2D, but his hand and knife come out from the geometry shape, the shadow of hand and knife also shows the changing of dimension, with the main color, they show a feeling of absurd and danger. The eyeball and evil smile of character increased the sense of absurd. Moreover, these evil things will make people feel the violent and blood of the movie, but it got nothing restricted on the poster, it is very interesting that showing the main theme without any adding any directly components of the theme (like blood, killing). And actually, the giant triangle is part of the film name, it is letter ‘A’ which should link with the ‘clockwork orange’ to get the full name of the movie. So, it is a very attractive movie poster. The text on the poster is very simple, just the name of movie and the director name, it didn’t add anything else, the designer chose to use one of the most attractive elements of the movie, director’s name to get more people’s attention (Mahlknecht 2015). Because Stanly Kubrick was one of the most famous directors, in this situation in order to keep the poster simple designer only add this tagline. Also, the san-serif modern typeface shows the movie is avant-garde.



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