Story Analysis of Blazblue Continuum Shift

Blazblue: Continuum Shift is the sequel to Blazblue: Calamity Trigger is a Japanese 2-d fighting game which was released in Japan on July 1st 2010 and on July 11th 2010 in the America for Playstation 3. The game is considered to be a mixture of interative fiction and 2-d fighting.

Story Mode: Character Selection

The series has an interesting story that is more satisfying to play and interact with than other fighting games of its time. But usually, fighting games do not focus so much on the story and rather focus on the style of gameplay. Some older games such as the original Super Smash Bros did not offer story or role-play. Smash Bros did offer classic mode but did not have any character or role-play interaction. There were only bosses to fight against. Once classic mode is finished, the player may not play again because there is no other unlockables. Streetfighter is similar because once you defeat the boss the player only unlocks one cutscene. With cutscenes the player feels less inclined to watch and more so to play.

Example of the Story

Good stories will usually not be too simple and straightforward. Blazblue’s story is somewhat alike to visual novels because the story branches offs to different paths and endings depending to the options the player chooses. Players choose one out of twelve characters and can obtain 3 different endings. As they progress through the story, they gather more pieces of the plot to put together. The plot is not just spelled out to the reader. Questions may arise such as what are the relationships between the characters? The player does not know their relationships and may be intrigued to find out. However, some questions are purposefully left unanswered.  For example, fans of Blazblue have wondered why Jin is crazy whenever he sees Ragna? To that question there is no correct answer; it can only be theorized until the next game.

Ragnas Bad Ending

The plot also uses time loops. Time loops are commonly used in science fiction books and novels. However, Blazblue uses the time loops in a different way to grab the player’s attention. In context to the plot, characters are constantly affected by time loops. Some are unaware and others try to stop it. The loops work like this; Ragna’s story has a bad ending where he dies from using too much power. The story does not end however because the time loop is still current. Once the time arrives, all events will restart to the beginning of the game. Ragna’s death may or may not have happened; it is up to the reader to understand what happened. One ending is unlocked and then players have to keep playing until the other 2 are unlocked.

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    I finished almost all the character stories and I still don’t know what was happening in the main storyline lol =__=”

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