The Sims Social – Taking Facebook Games to a Whole New Level

The Sims Social is a brand new game developed by none other than Maxis Entertainment. Though it has only been officially released for about a month now, it is absolutely booming with players. 65,171,627 players play it across the globe, as calculated by the monthly users application on their facebook page. The model of the game is that it is completely free, with the option to pay real money for in-game commodities.  The game plays similarly to any other version of The Sims franchise, though on the very accessible Facebook platform. What this game emphasizes is its player interactivity through theever-populated social network it is built in.

In order to successfully progress through the game, such as the completion of small quests and the growth of your home and the network of neighbours, one must connect their sim with their friend’s sims. Many quests, offered by the game’s NPCs, require you to post notices on your Facebook wall asking for clicks to receive certain items or complete certain tasks in order to earn achievements. At first, the game only requires for a couple friends to interact with your Facebook wall, but it soon turns into a chaotic binge of mass Facebook posts that is extremely crowding and unappealing. The last thing I would like to see on my Facebook profile is 35 wall posts asking to ‘click here to send my sim some LOVE!’, or  to ‘Click here to help me build my new TV!’.

That said, the game is strangely addictive, and you soon begin to set aside the extremely ugly posts that invade your wall so that you can thrive in-game. I sent about ten facebook requests, to my friends, per day, and spent careful time using up all the energy my Sim could accumulate a few times per day. Energy is used by a Sim to complete certain actions that help you advance in the game. It essentially limits your character to 15 actions every hour or so, as most important actions cost 1 energy point in your energy bar, which caps at 15. Energy will go up 1 point every 5 minutes, so you need to wait a little while after you’ve used up your 15 energy to play again. This can be avoided if you have a lot of real money to throw at this game, by simply purchasing energy.

Another interesting facet to this game is that, unlike all other Sims games, the only carreers a Sim can follow in The Sims Social are that of a chef, musician, artist, or writer. I suppose this game is set in the idealistic universe in which people do not have to struggle in the workforce to survive!

While still referring back to the roots of the Sims franchise, it can be easily discerned from the amount of times the word Facebook was used in this article that The Sims Social heavily relies on Facebook as the foundation for its interactive features and multiplayer value. This creates a new layer of playability and accessibility to the already easy-to-pick up style the developers of The Sims seems to have perfected.

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  1. Erin Harrison says:

    The game has lots of items 🙂 and it feels good to build a nice place and show off your taste. and seeing your sims friends’ places is interesting too…

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