1t Deliverable (Pre-Production)

Zhenhui Bei, 3169167

Concept Proposal

The scene consists of water, stone bricks, stone columns, windows, domes and sacrificial platforms. The circular platform in the center of the hall is used as a sacrificial platform. I will add guards around it. I will add firefly bricks around the altar as my light source. Monster treasure chest will also be added to the scene to add fun. I will add fish to the water as a small monster. Whenever the player passes the stone brick, it will trigger the attack of fish monster. For the window in the background, I will use the colored glass of the middle ages. There will be a small fountain under each window. The design of the dome is an entire circular arc, supported by the main column and the branches of the surrounding trees. There will be many different totem marks on the pillars. For the design of sacrificial platform, I will use a design similar to Stonehenge.

Visual Research

  • Environment reference / Inspiration

(including color reference, atomosphere reference, building elements …)

mh-c-1113 peanut-z-day-peanut087 peanut-z-day-peanut089peanut-z-day-peanut092 sebastian-luca-hoa-1-scene-closeupziyi-shen-1028

  • Objects reference / Inspiration

(including guards, columns, fishes, treasures …)

img_4741 img_4720

  • Design skethes


  • Sketches of my world layout


Expected technological focus

Modelling : Blender

Textures : Substance Painter

Animation : Blender, Mixamo

Work Schedule

For whole projects, I have 8 weeks left. My plan is here:

Modelling (objects) : 22 Feb ~ 15 Mar

Environment building : 15 Mar ~ 22 Mar

Textures : 22 Mar ~ 5 Apr

Animation : 5 Apr ~ 19 Apr

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