3rd Deliverable (Final project)

Zhenhui Bei, 3169167

Concept Statement

The scene consists of water, stone bricks, stone columns, windows, domes, crystals and sacrificial platforms. The circular platform in the center of the hall is used as a sacrificial platform. There are crystal-like lamps around the platform. The design of the dome is an entire circular arc, supported by the main column and the branches of the surrounding tree-like columns.

Due to my failure to import textured models to Unity adn Sketchfab, I tried to create shaders inside Unity directly and used Substance Designer to create maps. My focus on third deliverable is to detail my low poly models by those shaders and adding some animations for environment. I searched Substance Designer tutorials from Youtube and created base ground maps, then created materials inside Unity. However, I had no experience on C#, the water shader needs coding, so it is bought from Unity asset store.

Also I’m not focusing on making a playable game, and I’m full interesting in metaverse, so I tried to develop it as a VR game which will make the walk-through more attracting.

One of the most difficult part is to create grass shader. I have to paint vertex in Blender so that it can have a gradient map. In this way, I can have a grass that is gradient from dark green to light green. In addition, I set a vertex animation for the top vertex so it can have wave animation. This took me more than two weeks to solve the problem, but for what I’ve achieved, I felt worth.

Another difficult part is to build as a VR game. I searched a lot of tutorials from Youtube, and followed him to create a interactivable VR game. Players can teleport to certain area.


If I got chance to restart this project, I’d like to focus more on my concept drawing because a good project is based on a great concept. Also, I’d like to do more researches on render pipeline for how to import or export materials, especially for Octane. For now, there is few documentation for how to do that, and my computer always crashes when I did same steps following documentation. Otherwise, If I focus on making a game, I’d like to choose create models only in 3D modelling software, and paint textures in Substance Designder or Substance Painter. In the end, I can create shader graphs or materials in Unity directly. If I focus on making an environment concept only, I’d like to do all steps in one software rather than using game engine.

For the game play part in my game, if I have more time or I can re-do all steps, I will keep choosing making a VR game, it is really interesting, although it is hard and takes time. However, this time, I’d like add more interactivable elements. For example, players can grab keys and open a chest, or they can grab stones to attack with enemies.

Final interactive experience/in-game assets

Due to the terrain and environment is built in Unity, it is unable for me to upload it to Sketchfab. Also, the materials are made in Unity as well, what I have for this step is same to last Artstation link.

To download VR advanture game from here.

Video documentation is here: Grass and Crystal models and game wark through; Unity Project.