Nora Mahdi/ blog post/ 5

  1. The Internet has integrated seamlessly in our every day lives. Most people see it as a better way of living and enhancing life. Technology has certainly been changing rapidly and the Internet is always changing which is becoming harder to keep up with. So many changes occurred with the rise of the Internet, changes in style, design and mainly social interactions. It’s definitely hard to imagine exactly what the future of Web 3.0 will turn out to be but it’s not impossible. Some suggest that we have already achieved it but others believe we are only starting to create it. It’s not hard to use our imagination, especially with today’s mindset of the future created by recent movies. Many people believe that the Internet will develop even faster than it has already, and will include higher sematic, virtual and artificial intelligence. Many movies like Her predict that the Internet will form into a cyborg robot that will preform 10x better than computers, it seems that that is the mentality people have of the future. A world run by machines.
  1. I certainly believe that we should be able to study theories about culture and society through the lens of networked technologies, especially since our lives revolve around technologies and communicating through them. It is crucial for people to understand the essence and roots of these technologies before even using them, in order to accurately function.



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