Blog Response 3

media aunthenticity is almost utterly flatten to me. I am desensistized to biased, fictious fact that trickle through media persons. Coporations and the government are highly branded machines of propaganda. Growing up in this sort of media landscape I am aware of media creation. As an artist I am very aware of self-representation and how it can extend an artist past themselves into a larger than life character. To me moral and ethics come into question when if I try to represent or speak about an oppressed person or community. I feel it is important for these minorities to be able to speak for themselves and represent through a specific lens. Context is a huge part of belivability in media. While digital media is often montaged and functions withtin a totally fragmented cacophanie of media, that often are biproducts of privatized control. I don’t think the government or groups of privatized corporation that drive capitalism approach media representation ethically so why should anyone else.

This link shows how immersive technologies is being used by the porn industry. This  and the game industry will inevitable take unethical actions into a virtual simulation. I find this to be going into an unethical realm. This post reminds me of a movie that foreshadows, immersive virtual reality following a murder plot : 


A website functions as an installation for a few reasons. Websites have a lifespan, a user can visit the url it’s unique location and might not be there. The website is an installation because it is a space that host single digital works or multiple digital works. This essay states that digital files are invisible until performed visualization. The website is then a space that hosts many performative visualizations and arranges them within a space. This notion of the website as a medium reintroduces the aura back into digital work (copies). The copy in Groy’s view only has aura if it is printed out or documented and have a physical copy. I feel this would be justification of post-net artworks. This physicality while still a surrogate has aura. Walter Benjamin’s idea of aura needs a time and place for the work(s) to have an aura. From what Maneta’s is saying in this essay is that the unique location of a website url is the manifestation of the here and now of the art work



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