Reading Response 3 – Montana

In terms of not keeping to the “code of ethics” to promote a radical awakening with the means “pure media hacking” can draw some issues in regards to activism. Though in the code of ethics it states that one must “maintain confidential information and privacy”, there are already issues with that currently. As many websites such as Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook etc. are selling people’s information to 3rd party companies in order to gain advertising revenue is already an issue in today’s society. It is already difficult to stay “anonymous” on the internet, that “pure media hacking” not regarding the code of ethics, in my opinion is not really a problem. As it is almost a rebuttal to what is going on with online privacy, if major companies are not keeping to the code of ethics, do activists have to hold the same standards?

I personally would not forgo ethics in my online art unless it is to prove a point, as I stated before, maintaining confidential information and privacy is an issue with many huge corporations, and so with this “rule” I would a be a little more lenient, however, I will abide to the law in any circumstance.


When it comes to websites, websites can work similarly to how a gallery space works, but in a more interactive manner. Meaning that when it comes to the viewer, the viewer will have a person connection to the work itself as they can manipulate it and interact with it. Many people have personal computers at home, an in a gallery space, arguably many will want to have some “alone time” with pieces to fully experience the piece itself, and with the use of a personal computer, one can do this.

However, in an exhibition many can experience an installation at the same time, similarly to the website as it is shared from a server, anyone in the world can view it, sometimes at the same time. This is the “here and now” that both Groy and Quaranta explain. The website or file is the original source of its content; the path name of any website.



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