Reading Response 4 -Madison Gobbi

If you were to give a speech about the state of computer technology today that would be read by someone 25 years from now, what issues would you address and what predictions for the future would you make?

Some issues that I would address in a discourse on computer technology of today, would be the false perception the world has of the knowledge and validity of what the internet has to offer. Although the technology is beneficiary in some aspects, a tool to write essays, a means to create art, the internet is by far both the greatest and the worst technology to date. I agree with Postman when he points out that we as a society absorb information like a sponge, believing it regardless of whether it is valid or not. So many hide behind their computer screen, anonymously posting and reposting blogs, articles and other means of information, without considering the consequence of their actions. The world has become openly opinionated on a large number of topics, and the internet is a gateway to express interests, create debates and argue points-of-view. I predict that in the future, the web will crash, whether literally, or figuratively. Too many people will try and voice their opinion to the point where no on will be heard, and it will all just become chaotic noise, and so a new vehicle of communication will arise.

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