reading response 4 – NaJin Lim

Although this speech was given 25 years ago at the advent of the Internet, many of Postman’s concerns and insights around technology and the role of the computer in defining contemporary life ring true today. If you were to give a speech about the state of computer technology today that would be read by someone 25 years from now, what issues would you address and what predictions for the future would you make?

After reading Neil Postman’s “Informing Ourselves to Death” speech, I agree with the author Neil Postman. He made right points about the computer back in 1990’s, but today is 21 century which is 25 years later than “informing Ourselves to Death” speech was given. time has passed a lot and the technology and internet had been so updated, that we hardly  follow to update these new concept and system. There are lot’s of differences between now and then.

today, everyone connect with SNS and sees the world in the internet system. It’s now a way of life style and almost like a trend, like everyone around us is doing Facebook or instagrams, and you don’t even know why you made the account. It’s just happens and we don’t even know why we are doing it or what is the benefit of it. Also same as the information we can find in the internet, there are too much informations in the internet and it is super easy to get information of what we want. This can be a positive thing, but I think it’s more to the negative side. because the information could have been wrong and what they believe from that information, it maybe can mind control the people. For example, if the famous newspaper company says wrong things about something very negative, people will obviously believe about that, because it’s a famous well-known company. But we don’t even know it’s actually real or maybe or only exist in that article. Also another thought I thought while I was reading this speech, the information became too light now, meaning that everyone can write about something and easy spread to the public and it’s also easy for everyone to read about it. What I think is that there should be a limits or certain line to write something about it and giving it to public. To the winner of these technology, they will end up with a lot of informations and knowledge but they don’t even know it is actually a right and real. It will make their life easy and can fulfill them but at some point, it possibly can effect them negatively. For the losers, it will hard to gather informations compare to the winner of the technology, but sometimes it’s good with how the old way works.

It’s pretty amazing how Postman made this point in the speech 25 years ago, even the technology and the internet was’t that big compare to now. Maybe people in nowadays aren’t really thinking and care about it, doesn’t really realize. What I think of this technology and the internet is that now, it’s actually hard to find the privacy and our informations are out there too easy and people aren’t really aware of that danger. Media and the technology are keep developing so fast still and we can’t predict about it anymore, because as new concept and ideas are coming out, people starts to develop newer and better things are actually making it to reality which tells that now we have the technology to built most of things that is in our minds. It will keep develop and someday, it will divided in to two section of winner and loser of the technology. Also from this too much informations and writings, these will become more subjective evaluation rather than a fact.

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