reading response #4 – Rob Kim

Reading Response #4
Rob Kim
Professor Pearl

If you were to give a speech about the state of computer technology today that would be read by someone 25 years from now, what issues would you address and what predictions for the future would you make?

I would address the issue of separation and diminish of physical human relationship caused by decreasing needs of physical contact due to the developed virtual technology. Even now days, we have smartphones which allows us to talk, see and share informations through mobile and web applications without physically meeting them however after 25 years later, there will be much more developed technology which will overwhelm the needs of physical contact and pursue all of the actions we need through a virtual program. Social network systems such as facebook and instagram or skype allow us to message, see and video-chat with our friends from anywhere and as we developed from text to voice call to video chat, there will be more enhancement of techonology that will allow us to share more than just informations but things related to our senses such as smell, touch, temperature and more. There was a article about a new technology that is still being tested which is a machine that can deliver the smell from one computer to another. Also there was a article about how Scientists in Singapore invented a kiss-machine that contains imitations of the couples tongue and allow each other to send a signal through their mobile to turn on the machine and allow them to kiss thorugh the machine. They recognize the motion of the tongue and will deliver the movement signal directly to the partner’s machine. As these technologies develop further more delicately, the need of human physical contact will decrease and also, the technological relationship may be more sastifying than the actual action in reality.
The positive side of the developing technology will be its skill to help and support the people around the world more easily without the obstacle of distance. For example, a delicate medical virtual remote system which can deliver the movement information from a country to other part of the world through the machines will allow the doctors to do surgeries immediately to emergency patients. Therfore the most significant aspect we should be care about is how these technology will be used in our society and who will be the ones that are allowed to access these technologies and how they will manage them for the goods.

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