Reading response 5- NaJin Lim

 In this chapter from Lovink’s book Networks Without A Cause, he outlines the dynamic shift in social interaction online in the move from Web 1.0 to 2.0 that relies on “user generated content”. What do you envision Web 3.0 to be and what is the next level of user empowerment?

Based on Lovink book Network without a cause, internet and social media interaction have been utilized in various aspects. However they also have created many problems such as “echo chamber” and diminishing access to information. Regarding such trends, i believe that uses of internet in people’s daily lives will decrease as 3.o begins. To expand, both problems mentioned above have arose mainly due to internet censorship. Degree of internet censorship is becoming higher as “geo-sensitive technology” is being in crisis for increasing global internet users. What it does is blocking users outside the country from watching public television online. Also, China exported national firewall technology to Sri Lanka to block certain offensive websites. Moreover, websites of public libraries block other citizens living in different regions for access. Such lack of information access and increasing copyright laws based on hostile attitudes toward users living in different areas will definitely decrease people’s reliance on web.


Throughout the article, Lovink argues for a form of criticism that is specific to the Internet—one that looks at theories about culture and society through the lens of networked technologies. Do you also believe that this is necessary to study as we move forward? Why or why not?

I strongly agree with Lovink’s argue about look at the theories about culture and society through the lens of networked technology. Now the internet is around us that we can live with out them or maybe it’s really hard for us to live with out it. Every information we found are in the internet and those sources are came out from internet, also people are so influenced from the internet. So I think studying culture and society through the lens is kind of out only option. Form this, it is better for people who are using the internet to understand and using properly rather than just doing it, because internet space can be a easy comfort place but sometimes, it can be very dangerous place. Sometimes, people who aren’t still familiar with the internet makes mistakes, but system and tool of the internet is getting easier to use (thanks to the engineers), so it’s not that complicated to know about the internet.

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