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Welcome to the Course/Instructions

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to INTM 2009—Online Art and Website Creation.

Part of this course is thinking about the context of making/publishing online in a more critical way. To help with that there will be a series of assigned readings that you’ll need to respond to in textual/visual format on this shared blog. You can post your responses by logging in, using the link at the bottom of the page under “Meta”.

A new response will be due each Tuesday for the duration of the course. You can find the readings that you need in the Files section of our course on Canvas. There is also a book that you’ll need to download, which has been made available for free by the author at

Please make sure when you publish your responses that you use the “Categories” option to organize your post. This will make it easier to read your response in connection with other students and also easier for me to grade. Categories have already been created by week number and will appear as options in the right-hand menu within the “New Post” page.

Best of luck!


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