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Reading Assignment #5: Rob Kim

Reading Assignment #5
Rob Kim

1. In this chapter from Lovink’s book Networks Without A Cause, he outlines the dynamic shift in social interaction online in the move from Web 1.0 to 2.0 that relies on “user generated content”. What do you envision Web 3.0 to be and what is the next level of user empowerment?

The technology and web world has been developing enormously to interact with the users and broaden up the authority given to the public. As we pass Web 1.0 to 2.0, I envision Web 3.0 to be a web system that interacts physically with the users which merges the virtual community with our reality as one system. Also, it’s next level of user empowerment to be the interaction of physical status with the automatic web-computer technology. For example, google watch. It is a watch invented from Google, which contains technologies of phones and computer in a small wearable and carriable scale. It is different than just normal smart phones due to its potential and function to get informations of the user’s physical status. It can calculate the person’s heart rate and their speed of the moving pace which allows them to store the informations on to the web space without having to write them one by one. It’s automaticity can have emergency functions that could call or reach other people when the user’s physical status is insecure and dangerous. Such as calling 911, or reaching for the person’s nearest friend by detecting the location and contact them automatically, sending each other’s information through the watch. Also, as this automaticity of communicating the webspace with the physical space develop in the future, it could gather its necessary informations by it self to provide informations that the user need on the spot rather than actually having to check and compare the information with the user’s self.

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2. Throughout the article, Lovink argues for a form of criticism that is specific to the Internet—one that looks at theories about culture and society through the lens of networked technologies. Do you also believe that this is necessary to study as we move forward? Why or why not?

I believe it is nessesary to study the theories of culture and society through the lens of the networked technologies because I strongly believe it’s potential and possibility to expand its field as big as the physical space we live in. As much important as it is to study the theories of the natural world, I think it is also very significant to set theories of the web cultures because as the technologies develop, the boundary between the virtual and natural will decrease and It won’t just be an part of the world’s aspect but a new virtual/physical world that everyone must adapt to live. The developments such as smart phones, social network systems, and artificial intellegence in the web system will replace the actual machine and systems and as they dominate the existing world, the technology itself will become a new culture and society. We will have to examine the world’s culture and society through the lens of the network technology to prepare the new constructing future society and those theories will act as a base of the new dominating system. I assert that we must adapt the new transition because it won’t be possible to reject the new wave of technologies or will be very limiting. For example, the kids who are born in present generation are already familiar and proficient with the online and web cultures such as SNS(Social Network System) and smart phones. They have never experienced life without the new internet systems therefore by studying theories specific to the internet is a method of understanding the perspective of the future and way of adapting the new generations in a more delicately. So the next generation will naturally adapt and study based on the theories we prepared for them

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