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Feedback from Interviewees

Concept #1 – “Go out for a walk and play game”

  • Responding to each personal taste seems to provide more variety rather than designing for merely one area.
  • However, I think I will still lie on my bed instead of going out because the collection is merely displayed on your smartphone.
  • This seems to target more for girls rather than boys. I think I will use this app if it could also be applicable for games I play.
  • I can spend my time alone with this app, which I will be able to release stress by taking some fresh air whenever I want to.

Concept #2 – “VR dance”

  • Would definitely like to use this platform because I can see my bias.
  • Would feel more connected to my bias.
  • VR headset sounds expensive
  • Do not really like dancing, but this will make me active
  • Like that I can dance either alone or with my friends

Concept #3 – “Bet-with-your-friends”

  • Think it will trigger a lot when I plan to exercise because I’m actually spending my money!
  • Would be more patient and joy to exercise because it’s kind of similar to playing a game with my friends. This will also make me and my friends exercise together.
  • It will be better if I could also use alone. What if this concept could be combined with the second concept?


Storyboard drawn so far


Not all of the boards are in hand-drawing. Some of them are created by using Illustrator.

storyboard_1-1 key elements – end user, studying


key elements – bed, view of outside


key elements – end user walking


key elements – (another interviewee)end user, studying


key elements – motion of grabbing an object, smartphone, VR headset


key elements – end user, VR headset worn


key elements – end user, dancing motion

3 Initial Concepts

3 Concepts were created over time.

The most important to consider:

When the activity is related to exercise (in fact, to every kind of efficient activity) one’s willingness is the most crucial point no matter what.


  1. An application similar to Pokemon Go
  • Once “Pokemon Go” was one of the game trends in the recent years, it did not only provide people for gaming purpose, but also naturally made people go out and walk. This idea inspired me to come up with a concept of users enjoying playing game while they can also have a walk by it. In other words, it makes students walk without any motivation.
  • In this concept, students will be able to collect things that they are interested in. This means that the collection category will not be only in one area.

For example,

A likes Marvel characters

B likes characters that represent his/her bias.

C likes game characters

D likes to gather a lot of information about famous places.


2. Dance through VR headset

  • Creating a platform which students can dance through VR headset is another concept that has came up. From this application, students will be able to watch their biases teaching dance choreography to them. Since the concept uses VR technology, students will feel that they are connected to their biases. This will motivate them to dance.


3. Bet-with-your-friends

  • This concept allows students to bet with their friends, but using small amount of money obviously. They will be betting (ex) 5dollars and whoever do not exercise in a given amount of time will need to pay that money. At then end, students will spend accumulated money all together who participated in that bet.
  • This concept does not naturally make them exercise. However, it will trigger more the motivation of those end-users who think they need to exercise.





Concepts Thinking



I first wrote down any words that could be related to my project. Next, I connected the words to each other which seem to become as a concept.

I was not only inspired by the words shown in the picture above. Some of my thoughts were noted on my smartphone when I was in the bus or subway.




This image is a brief synthesis of a data from my interviewees.


Interview Questions

This interview questions are conducted for the students aged 18-19.

Their names are not asked since the questions are related to their anxieties.



1. Do you feel anxious recently?


2. Why?



3. What do you usually do when you feel anxious?


4. Does that activity really remove your anxiety?


5. Do you regularly exercise?


6. If not, is there any reason why you don’t exercise?


7. What motivates you to do any physical activity?


8. What really interests you? Please tell me at least three factors.


9. Do any of your interests remove your anxiety?


10. How do you feel about COVID-19?


11. Does the COVID-19 impact more on your motivation?


12. Do you share your anxiety with anyone?


13. Why?


14. What is your smartphone usage for leisure purposes?






After the presentation

Points to refine

  • Even though I wanted the target audience to be a wide range of age, it seemed to be too broad.
  • Information with depression was detailed enough for framing my idea, but the project aim seemed to be yet too broad.
  • Therefore, finding a specific range of age of target audience and being more detail from “encourage people to do something they like” are necessary for a better project aim.


Target audience

18-19 years old

I would like my target audience be 18-19 years old because they are one of the ages that get stressed with their future life. Furthermore, for now I am planning to solve the problem by creating a platform and these ages are one of the groups that actively use their smartphones and computers.


Encourage people to do something


Changing the habit from the age of 18-19 years old is significant because  it affect their future life pattern. It is crucial to keep a healthy life pattern for countless reasons: self-esteem, positive thinking, prevent from depression and anxiety, healthy sleep time, etc.

One of the methods that could help keeping a healthy life pattern and get away from depressed mood is doing exercise. 30 minutes of exercise 4-5days a week is sufficient enough to bring oneself out from a depressed mood. Besides, it is one of the most common activities that is necessary to people for a healthy and positive mindset. I would like to adopt today’s technology and combine it to encouraging people to exercise so that the solution can reach to as many people as possible.

Thesis Project – Framing Idea


Framing Idea


What did I find difficult when framing my idea?

framing-idea_page_1 framing-idea_page_2 framing-idea_page_3

  • Since all ranges of age are struggling from depression, deciding the target audience for my project was difficult to me. As mentioned in the previous post (Reader #2), I had this uncomfortable feeling when excluding certain groups of people.
  • Depression occurs from countless reason. Therefore, treating depression with a single specific way will not really be a solution to many people. From here, I thought that using a common method for depression treatment will be helpful to broad range of ages of users because it would at least be one of the ways to cope with being depressed.


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