This image is a brief synthesis of a data from my interviewees.


Interview Questions

This interview questions are conducted for the students aged 18-19.

Their names are not asked since the questions are related to their anxieties.



1. Do you feel anxious recently?


2. Why?



3. What do you usually do when you feel anxious?


4. Does that activity really remove your anxiety?


5. Do you regularly exercise?


6. If not, is there any reason why you don’t exercise?


7. What motivates you to do any physical activity?


8. What really interests you? Please tell me at least three factors.


9. Do any of your interests remove your anxiety?


10. How do you feel about COVID-19?


11. Does the COVID-19 impact more on your motivation?


12. Do you share your anxiety with anyone?


13. Why?


14. What is your smartphone usage for leisure purposes?






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