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Design Problem Statements – What They Are and How to Frame Them?


  • Unconscious desires
  • Framing a design problem is the first step in a human-centered design process
  • In fact, every single information is important, as a designer

All products need to meet people’s desire

Example of a design failure – Juicy machine (however in some cases, the design depends on different culture so understanding other cultures is extremely significant when designing a concept)

This connects to my THESIS project because when considering the term “depression”, each person has different situation and reason of it, so better understanding of it is crucial and essential.


The 4W’s

Who, What, Where, Why

Using this 4Ws, I tried to find my project aim for my project. Who is the target audience, what is the problem, and why is this so important to people?


Problem I keep in my mind for my thesis project, connecting it to the 4W’s

To be honest, I’m having a lot of difficulty finding a specific target audience because depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. In other words, anyone could have a possibility of facing and suffering from it, and I have this uncomfortable feeling to the people who are not included in the target audience of my project when considering only a certain group of users. I was thinking about this since this summer. I want my project to reach as many people as possible. Therefore, I want my target audience to be in a more broad range of age.

Reader #1

Article from Shape of Tomorrow series from Fast Company



The travel industry will survive COVID-19, but with big changes 


#1 Mark Hoplamazian

Working on making Hybrid [work] Environment

Creating hybrid weddings

-> able to stream wedding for relatives or other friendly guests who cannot attend due to long distance

-> distribute guests across the property [appropriate distancing]

This hybrid weddings is one of the today’s trends that I was kind of surprised of. In my personal opinion, this concept didn’t really come in to my mind because wedding is one of the most significant events in one’s life, but streaming wedding sounded like the couple who get married are not getting enough congratulations. However, because of the COVID-19, it is crucial to keep the social distance, and thinking of the people who can’t come due to long distance, this concept seemed to be another creative idea.


#2 Steve Haftner

Restaurant reservations platform

Key point:

Once you get used to making reservations (even after the COVID-19) you’ll be hating the idea of waiting in line.


#3 Rob Katz

Ski resorts company

Ski itself automatically makes a social distance between each person.

(What about the helmet and ski pole? Helmet and  ski pole are common-use items. How could this prevent the risk of getting COVID-19 due to skiing?)

Key point

Putting people first puts right your business first.

The company putting people first into their business make its customers and potential customers trust it.


#4 Joe Gebbia

  • Travel more locally -> demand for people to want to go somewhere and just get out of the house.

Inspiration from these words – Why not making something outside activity for helping people from COVID-19 BLUE? rather than finding something at home.

  • Affordable options
  • Prioritize cleanliness & private spaces

(Sangria making class / Cooking class) still works through online in the circumstance of COVID-19

What other business still work in the COVID-19 society?

Online stage, Interview


Sonia Cheng

Domestic business and leisure travel are increasing due to COVID-19 according to the data from hotels.

An example I was able to thought -> Due to COVID-19, there are many people going hotels for domestic leisure these days, even places right near to their living area, in Korea.

“A length of a stay is longer in a hotel” for business travellers, so why not turning room into workspace for those travellers?

Culture also has huge effect on COVID-19. ex) mask







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