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Interview Questions

  After brainstorming and many exercises using MURAL and continued desk research, I interviewed 9 of my key users. I was able to really understand the users and sense what I need to research further about my topic. I was surprised… Continue Reading →

Design Requirements

Must Customers must easily get access to the products & services virtually and physically The service must provide wide options of good designs The products must be sustainable Should Visual information about the product’s production, and sustainable impact should be… Continue Reading →

First class of MDP! Onboarding, nervous & excited

  This blog will be my recordings about my thesis project! I will be posting my thought processes and I am expecting it will help a lot throughout my entire thesis journey. Today finally was my first class of MDP class, which… Continue Reading →

Getting used to Mural Board

Today’s lecture was about discovery and foresight. We learned about foresight history and STEEP-V which is a foresight method. The 3 key questions for a foresight is 1) What is possible?, 2) What is feasible?, 3) What is desirable? I… Continue Reading →

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