This blog will be my recordings about my thesis project! I will be posting my thought processes and I am expecting it will help a lot throughout my entire thesis journey.

Today finally was my first class of MDP class, which I bet all of the class was longing for but nervous at the same time because it is the first time progressing it online. We went through the semester overview: There will be 4 periods during the fall semester and it contains many design stages. We will be using some technology along with the class since it is online and we will need to get familiar using them.


For example, we were introduced to use Mural Boards, which we can freely write our thoughts and play around with it with my group members. We would have an hour of group discussion time after lectures, and mural boards will be used at this time period.

Listening to the lecture using Microsoft Teams was nice to use with good internet. The necessary communication worked fine so far.