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The Footprint Of My Thesis Project

Presentation day

Our team rehearsed the presentation yesterday. I am so glad that every team member participated in this session yesterday. It went very well. We got some really good feedback and learn from the good part of each other’s presentation slides.

I am also very excited to see other people’s presentation today. I am amazed by their achievement, the amazing render, storyboards, and many more details.

I can’t believe that this tight schedule and the break-out room thing really worked today and went perfectly. And I received a lot more feedback on my topic and presentation. Parya brought out a good point that I should develop something special for only the couple could use. Also, customization is the key to satisfy couples because every couple is different and they want something unique that represents themselves. I was a bit lost trying to fulfill all requests and requirements from different users in the past few weeks, but her words today enlightened me and inspires me to rethink the path that I have been walking on.

Groupwork on give suggestions and feedback

My team members also provided me some really good tips and suggestions on my brief storyboard. Beth brought up a really good point about indicating the locations of the things taken place by using different colors. They also trigger me to think broadly about different ideas and the detail on ideas.

I also realized I jumped over a couple of steps. I should have started drawing with more rough characters.

Whiteboard is a great tool for drawing and writing collaboratively.


Help brainstorming and developing concepts for Tim

Tim is working on a really difficult topic: Anxiety.

On two different days, we helped Tim to narrow down his topic, brainstorm, and develop concepts.

I realize a lot of the issues and questions we came up with can be solved during this kind of session because we could talk and analyze with each other to figure out the best way that could possibly work.

In this session, we also discussed what content should be included in our presentation and what are the best ways to present them. It kind of provides a guide and confidence for us, especially when we are having a purely remote class.

User testing

This is such an informative and interesting Wednesday session. We learned a lot about user testing. Before, I thought user testing is something that needs to be done before the launching of a product. By reading and learning from this article, I realized that it is something that needs to be done along the way. There are also competitive testing that could be done to analyse and learn from the competitor’s product. During this session, we could also learn a lot about the user’s needs and insights that are different from what we learned in the previous interview.

This is quite fun and enjoyful!%e5%b1%8f%e5%b9%95%e5%bf%ab%e7%85%a7-2020-12-27-11-43-06-pm

Brainstorming Session with my team on my topic

We brainstormed on my topic this time. It is so helpful for my topic. My topic is long-distance relationships. This topic is a bit sensitive and somehow tricky. Not everyone has this kind of issue in their relationship and not everyone is having a relationship currently. But my team members contributed a lot by analyzing what they witness on other couples and what they experience on some current product. This information is very helpful to me.  Plus, I can’t believe how many ideas we came up with within this 30 min time frame. I was so struggling in the past couple of days because I was stuck on 2-3 ideas in my mind that were like a box that I can’t jump out of. But these ideas opened up my mind and give me confidence in my topic and the things I am doing.

Help Beth on Brainstorming

Today, our group worked together to brainstorm and help Beth with her topic on Remote Working

We were so proud of the ideas we came up with. I realized doodles(at the bottom of the image) works extremely well in this situation. Even though they are sometimes just little circles, they could convey a lot of things we want to say in a simple manner.  It is a session of less than an hour but could inspire us on a lot of things on Thesis and many other more. It is such a fun and enjoyable work period with my group members. I am very lucky to have group members like them. They are experienced and they are creative.

Because Mural crashed on us last week, we found this app called Invision that works very good as well during collaboration.

Analysis and Synthesis

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Literature Review



  1. Why More millennials are having LDR
    1. Grow up in front of screens + tech savvy
    2. Millennials value transience
  • Millennials are eschewing relationships all together, opting instead for no-strings-attached hookups
  1. Seek more workplace flexibility and opportunity for overseas assignments as keys to greater job satisfaction and pursuit career
  2. Feminism. Instead of marriage and follow the male partner, females are encouraged to prioritize their future before sacrificing for their loved one.
  3. Peruse better college or job: Both parties work to reconcile individual career dreams with shared relationship goals. Essentially, those of us in long-distance relationships are trying to have it all , in our own uncompromising, Millennial way.


  1. According to a 2018 study, 58% of Americans in long-term relationships will stay together.
  2. Long-distance relationships may be more stable…

One 2007 study found that people in long-distance relationships reported more idealism, positive reminisces, perceived agreement, communication quality, and even romantic love than people in geographically close relationships.

  1. The same study found that about one-third of long-distance couples broke upwithin three months of moving to be in the same place.
  2. Distance isn’t an indicator of relationship quality
    1. According to a 2005 studyup to 75%of college students report having been in a long-distance relationship at some point in their lives, and 35% of college students are in long-distance relationships at any one time. In fact, nearly a third of all people who claim they are in this type of relationship say these are college relationships.
  3. 5 months – the average time before a long distance relationship breaks down
  4. 40 % of all long distance relationships ends with a break-up; 70 % of all failed long distance relationships fails due to unplanned changes

Interview key summary

do they need product?

· Short term doesn’t need product: 1. Apart for short term 2. Could meet each other frequently per month


What do they need ?

· background calling is needed, because this makes them feel like in the same room, but if it is too long cause a pressure on them = being monitored

· Netflix occasionally useful because many of them have a hard time finding the same movie they love: episode, movie, books, animation, manga

· It is hard when you don’t have things to say but you are forced to say something to keep the closed relationships because communication is the only way you can connect with each other,so

· Need some kind of things to do together synchronously which triggers the conversation and inspire them about other topics: need contribution of both of them so they understand each other’s difficulty/joy

· Better not to be product because the threshold of buying a physical product is much higher than buying a digital product

· When ask about Birthday present: most of them say physical rather than digital

· But a diary could be helpful for understanding each other

· Not deep topics because they rather talk about this in person with body and facial expression

· They might have tried some games play together but end up giving up

· It will be so helpful if they know each other’s friends

· It will be great if it could have positive impact on both of them : remind each other to work out, to sleep well, to read more books


when to use?

· Mostly before go to bed: because of time difference and busy working about 30min -2hr

· People are busy nowadays, message is better to keep in touch because have very minimum contact time, doesn’t affect people around them

· Top picks are before go to bed, during homework, and during transportation


What insight do they have?

· Private Code

· Affect going out with friends

· Friends understand but not family members

What makes them persist?

· the feeling of the right one, they are not just dating, they take this seriously

· their partner is far better than anyone around them

Environmental Scan

  1. Product Gadgets: https://lastingthedistance.com/long-distance-relationship-gadgets/
  2. Gift: https://www.womenshealthmag.com/relationships/g29675130/long-distance-relationship-gifts/?slide=2
  3. Best APP: https://www.bustle.com/p/17-apps-that-will-make-long-distance-couples-feel-like-theyre-closer-together-2985152

15 Best Apps For Couples in 2020 to Improve Relationship

  1. Altspace VR& Vtime game – good and bad: https://kotaku.com/long-distance-relationships-suck-but-vrs-made-it-easie-1775615168
    1. Active/interesting/immersive/addicted/ jealous
  2. Apple is Working on it: AR/ VR /Haptic technology: https://www.thejournal.ie/future-focus-long-distance-relationships-4679895-Jun2019/
  3. Facebook space VR social place : https://ca.news.yahoo.com/virtual-reality-might-save-long-130000332.html
  4. Rabbit App: watch anything with anyone
  5. VR wedding https://www.wired.com/story/virtual-reality-wedding/
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