I made a S.T.E.E.P.V. Analysis of trends around the topic “Working from home”.

I think the topic itself is a continuous trend even after COVID-19 – that’s why I choose this topic. The pandemic has shifted our way of working and makes us get used to it. There are many meeting software being developed, which makes remote working never so convenient. Plus, some companies might pay less rent for office space if employees are working from their homes.

Anyway, my point is that although there are difficulties brought by remote working, this trend does bring some people convenience and has the potential to continue. So it’s the designers’ job and opportunity to design for the inconvenience.



I come up with six opportunities and here are the top three (I was soooo struggle choosing which top three):

3. Design for family/roommate’s at-home activities that increase their bonds/ease conflicts, and the products associated.
5. Design that promotes people to wash food delivery packages before recycling them / or how to easily recycle food delivery packages without washing them.
6. Design something that encourages people to take regular breaks while working and promote joy and social within these breaks combining with something that’s not so screen-based (probably fitness).

I’m more interested in the sixth idea – it’s a combination of idea 1 and idea 2. But because of that, I worried if this idea is too specific and too limited.
Plus, I know I shouldn’t think about any solutions at this stage, but what if the outcome of the chosen idea goes into a direction that I’m not interested in / have no experience in (e.g.: VR)…?