I’m going to document the design process for my ID Thesis Project plus my feelings and thoughts throughout the year. I hope this blog will turn into a treasure one year later when I finish my thesis!

So here is my first post:

Over the summer, I was thinking about what am I going to do for my thesis… and I thought about COVID-19. The pandemic has got us panicking everywhere but does bring us so many changes and thus design opportunities. I want to design something for the post-pandemic. COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle and habit in many ways; I believe some habit remains even the pandemic is over, such as working from home or online shopping. I made a mindmap to find design opportunities:


I’m interested in these two topics yet don’t know which one to choose:

  1. How to easily recycle plastic delivery packages without having to wash them.
  2. How to encourage people to take regular breaks while working from home and make these breaks interesting through fitness activities.

I’m excited about the opportunities that COVID brought yet worried about if these topics are too popular that other designers might come up with something earlier and better than I do…