After the first presentation, I got a reflection that I might need to specify “what the work is” that I want to design for.

When talking about working at home, the work can be creative work, accounting, data management, programming, or customer service etc. Base on each work, nature and situation might not be the same, and thus the design outcome might be very different. For example, a worker who does customer service at home probably won’t have that much freedom to leave his/ her desk…

I choose the design industry as the kind of work I want to design for based on two reasons:

  1. Myself is within this demographic, thus I have a better understanding of the industry and users’ needs.
  2. The nature of design work is highly visual and cooperative based, so remote working might change a lot on how they work and how they wish to take breaks.

Here is my reframed problem statement:

Designers (age 20-30) who have to work in front of a screen for a long time needs to have attractive breaks that are not so screen-based…
because keep looking at a screen during break time can’t really relax their eyes, brain, and body, which may lower their productivity and affect their long-term health.

And here is a link of my presentation.