During reading week, I thought about the stakeholders that might be involved in my design and their needs. I think this exercise is very helpful for me to find a “business model” that might be interested to invest money in my design.


However, I found that it’s a little bit hard to identify many stakeholders for my project comparing with my group mate’s project that we discussed in class. Maybe this is because my project focuses on personal experience – breaks between work.

Then, I made a research plan.


I did some secondary research that helps me to make sure I’m doing a valid project that is worth to be designed. Plus, it also helps me to open my mind and come up with questions for questionnaires and interviews. Here are three important findings based on the research:

  • I found out that work remotely from home has lots of differences compared with work remotely in a public space, such as a library. The differences might be having more private space, being alone/lonely, and more limited space. So I narrowed down the context to “remote working from home”.
  • I also researched existing technologies in the market that doesn’t depend on the screen – although I want my user group to stay away from screens during break time, an interesting break might needs support from technology, and that’s can be a great way to attract young people. These techs are sensors, gesture or haptic technology, sound-related tech, and digital everyday products.
  • Thirdly, I researched some suggested healthy ways of taking work breaks. I think it might be a good direction to make these activities attracting.

I made a questionnaire and collected data from more than 10 people. This helps me gain more info besides the interviews. Plus, I found that some questions are misunderstood by people who filled the questionnaire. So I changed them in my interview question.