I extracted important needs from my interview notes for each interviewee and transformed them onto post notes.


After organizing the data, I clustered them into 5 themes – those are the insights that I found overlaps.


  1. Many of my interviewees said that “I have to be in lots of meetings during work” and that “I still receive work notifications in my break time because others are taking breaks at a different time due to remote working”. I think this a good insight – they need to “mute” work communications during their breaks because that’s the time they wish to escape from work.
  2. Many young designers are experiencing physical pain such as sour eyes and neck pain. Maybe they need a break that could help them release these symptoms.
  3. Many young designers feel mentally tired because there are too many things coming from the screen that stimulates their mind, such as their work, communications, video gaming, YouTube video, social media, or news. Maybe they need a break that won’t stimulate and activate their minds.
  4. A conflict between work and break exists as well. Some of my interviewees work for too long and forget to take breaks while some of them can’t stop surfing on the internet. Maybe they need a break that fits into their workflow.
  5. Most of my interviewees spend their time watching videos, browsing social media, or online window shopping during breaks. However, they don’t feel restful and relaxed. Maybe they choose less effective breaks because it’s the most convenient and easy way to stay away from work. Maybe they need a break that is very convenient to take.