I got really really valuable feedbacks from my interviewees!! I guess that is because my user group is young design professionals – who are even more professional than I do in terms of design. They not only talk about their personal feelings but also design and technological suggestions. Here are all the suggestions I got:


Concept 1 – Interactive Projection:


  • Pros:
    • The idea is very creative and attractive!
    • I like the idea of using shadowing to play the game!
    • I like the idea of playing with colleagues or friends!
  • Cons:
    • A wall / ceiling for projection is needed
    • setting up the projection and the focus might take time
  • Suggestions:
    • Maybe the game could be combined with music
    • Maybe the design can add in a point system that adds up your breaks
    • Maybe the projector is portable

Concept 2 –  Inflatable Chair:


  • Pros:
    • The idea is very interesting and ironic!
  • Cons:
    • The chair is motivating people to take breaks passively
    • The chair becomes annoying if I’m in a harry
    • Maybe the inflate and flat process changes people’s sitting feelings, which makes them feels more comfortable and are more likely to sit longer
  • Suggestions:
    • The chair is a large and expensive object to buy, which the user is taking too much cost to try it – maybe can consider some smaller products

Concept 3 –  Virtual Pet:


  • Pro:
    • The sense of responsibility gives people an excuse to take breaks and do things that they normally think are wasting their times
    • It accompanies people and gives them emotional sustenance
  • Cons:
    • There is no difference between this design and an alarm
    • It is hard for me to be responsible for it if it’s not a moving creature
  • Suggestions:
    • The outlook of it needs to be well-considered to make it feels more like a pet
    • Needs to consider the function and the degree of intelligence it has to give it a spirit
    • Could be combined with the projector in Concept 1

I user-tested with three people – two of them like Concept 1 the most while one person prefers Concept 3.


After examining these feedbacks, I am very surprised that the user’s feedbacks fit so well with the concept evaluation I did with my design briefs!