With the help of both my group members and my friends in this class, I brainstormed some ideas according to my generative questions:

  • How might we help young designers who work remotely to have attractive, convenient, and undisturbed breaks away from their screens and motivating them in doing physical movement?

We first wrote the ideas that we could think of on digital sticky notes:


I clustered these ideas and found that there were three main directions:

  • play with projection and make use of the wall
    • From my interviews, I found that my interviewees spend their time on screens because it is attractive and is the most convenient way to stay away from work. So I thought it would be great if a projection, which is less harmful to one’s eyes, can perform the same function as a screen.
    • Plus, a projection is much larger in scale compared with a screen so that the same game played on projection will require a much bigger physical movement from the user.
    • I was also thinking about turning their phones into a game controller for the projection so that the phone won’t function as a phone during break time and will prevent users from being interrupted by work notifications.
  • make use of home furniture or small products
    • I asked my interviewees about the most used products used in their work or breaks, which are:
      • phone / laptop / mouse / mug / chair / bed / toilet
    • I wanted to encourage users to take breaks by altering the function of their most-used products
  • relaxing break with physical movement
    • Another key insight I got from my interview is that the interviewees want less info to stimulate their minds during breaks. So I was thinking about a relaxing break involving nature or mild stretches.


Then, together with my group members, we further modified and developed on each direction. And I visualized these ideas in the process:


Next, I’m going to choose and combine several ideas and develop them into three concept storyboards.