I chose three concepts after I further developed the chosen directions:


Then, I evaluated the ideas using my design brief:

  1. The first concept fits most design briefs except for “being less mindly stimulative”. I think this is an interesting idea; it is just that playing a game during a break might not be effective for resting the users’ minds. I’m also a bit concerned with the technology involved in this concept. Because a projection is normally used for seeing or viewing, I wonder how interactive the projection can be… Then I researched existing technology in the market and found that teamLab is already working on an interactive projection art museum, which means that this concept is feasible.
  2. The second concept is a bit weak because it is less attractive and convenient compare with the other two ideas. This is a bit too extreme that it is forcing people to take breaks in a passive way.
  3. The third concept fits all design briefs under “must” and “should”! I like this concept because it motivates users to take mild breaks with positive motivation. The concept of a ‘virtual pet’ is not new, but the virtual pets are usually kept behind screens, such as in an App. I think there is a lot of potential for the physical virtual pet.




After that, I made a draft of the persona and the storyboard key frames of these three concepts:




I used these drafts as guide to draw the final version of the storyboards. I also googled some photos for tracing, which helps speeding up my drawing.

The final storyboarding will be shown in my presentation.