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I feel like I need to make the wireframe first before going into storyboarding because I’m not yet clear on all the functions that the app can perform. I made a very rough version of the wireframe on sticky notes… Continue Reading →

Can I Make This Work?

Whether my idea can come true depends on whether I can make an interactive projection. I researched similar interactive projection projects in the market, which they prove that the technology is available: The Shadow Wall by Jason Bruges: McDonald’s Interactive… Continue Reading →

Concept Testing Feedback

I got really really valuable feedbacks from my interviewees!! I guess that is because my user group is young design professionals – who are even more professional than I do in terms of design. They not only talk about their personal… Continue Reading →

Idea Evaluation & Storyboarding

I chose three concepts after I further developed the chosen directions: Then, I evaluated the ideas using my design brief: The first concept fits most design briefs except for “being less mindly stimulative”. I think this is an interesting idea; it… Continue Reading →


With the help of both my group members and my friends in this class, I brainstormed some ideas according to my generative questions: How might we help young designers who work remotely to have attractive, convenient, and undisturbed breaks away from… Continue Reading →

Generative Question & Design Brief

With the help of my group members, I have came up with a generative question according to my initial project aim and my summarized key insights. This process is not very hard because the highlighted keywords from my key insights… Continue Reading →

Needs Finding & Clustering

I extracted important needs from my interview notes for each interviewee and transformed them onto post notes. After organizing the data, I clustered them into 5 themes – those are the insights that I found overlaps. Many of my interviewees said… Continue Reading →

User Interview

In the past two weeks, I have interviewed 9 people who work part-time or full-time in the professional design field I got feedbacks that I was expecting, which proves that the problem I was trying to solve exists for most people…. Continue Reading →

Stakeholder Analysis & Research Plan

During reading week, I thought about the stakeholders that might be involved in my design and their needs. I think this exercise is very helpful for me to find a “business model” that might be interested to invest money in… Continue Reading →

After First Critique

After the first presentation, I got a reflection that I might need to specify “what the work is” that I want to design for. When talking about working at home, the work can be creative work, accounting, data management, programming,… Continue Reading →

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