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Under the pandemic social background, people’s daily activities all limited by disciplinary power. Therefore, how to stay and work at home comfortable and convenience becomes an important task for lots of people. I found that people spend most of their time in kitchen and bedroom these two places of their home. Therefore, I want my design focus on developing people’s daily cooking/sleeping experiences.

I hope cooking can transitioned from chore to respite for more people, they cook to outlet their stress and add fun to life. Therefore, I use STEEPV method developed three design possibilities for the future cooking experience.

  1. How might we provide an efficiency way to help people from grocery shopping to everyday cooking?

Although there are lots of online grocery shopping apps come out during the pandemic period, none of them connect grocery shopping experience to people’s daily cooking.

Before we cook, we always need to think what kind of food and seasonings we need to use while cooking. Sometimes, we may forget to check what we have at home and forget to buy some ingredients. How can we quickly know what we need to buy without creating a shopping list? How can we use what we have in hand make a meal without finding recipe?


  1. How might we have “nutritionists” in everyone’s home and help them eat healthier?

Nowadays, more and more people start caring their personal health, food nutrition and safety become an important part people care about while choosing ingredients. How can we combine nutritional balance with our daily cooking? How can people have a menu designed for themselves according to different events or situations?


  1. How might we increase the design inclusivity for special populations’ cooking experience?

Elderly people, disabled people, these special populations hard to cook by themselves. How can we enable everyone to participate equally, confidently and independently in everyday cooking experience? How can we change cooking into a fun way to attract all users join in?


Another direction I chose is people’s sleeping experience. Mental health is a big but important part everyone need to pay attention to it. Nowadays, more and more people are in a sub-health state. Many people suffer from insomnia. People’s daily sleep influenced by lots of factors, such as their living environment, electronic equipment interference, etc. There are three design possibilities I found for the future sleeping experience.

  1. How might we reduce environment interference help people fall asleep quicker?
  2. How might we help people reduce pressure and customize their sleep habits?
  3. How might we introduce the technique of polyphase sleep for narcolepsy people and help them more dynamic in a day?